The Sunlight Foundation created website scrapers to collect state legislative data across all 50 states, DC and Puerto Rico. This project, called Open States, is the only website to have a searchable database of state information across all of the United States. With this project, people can track state bills, get campaign statistics, state legislator's contact details, and follow the action.

View the full site at:

The homepage allows users to enter the site by typing in their address or clicking on their state. It also provides easy access to an introduction video and a bulk download of the data. 

A new addition to the site is the events page, where that data is available. A list of events is viewable in calendar form, with the days of events highlighted with orange dots. There's also the ability to download events to your gcal or ical, and to view the event from the original source. 

Bill pages have quick links to the votes, actions, and full bill text. There is also a visual indicator of where in the process the legislation is at, and key dates in its timeline. The site encourages users to login to create a profile and receive notifications on bills and legislators. 

Instead of displaying votes just as numbers, it made more visual sense to show them as pie charts. It's easy to see if a measure passed by glancing at the amount of green in a circle, rather then comparing numbers. 

The report card showcases how easy collected and machine readable data from each state is. The ratings are sortable and color coded by grade, so it's easy to visually see how states stack up to one another. By hovering on each grade, states can view details about why they received certain scores, so they can make adjustments to their system, and provide more transparent and accessible information.